Local Economic Development Plans

Local Economic Development Plans

Over a course of several months, the USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support Project (LENS) worked closely with nine of its partner municipalities across three governorates in Jordan, to develop a comprehensive plan that encompasses a long-term strategic vision for each municipality that will help boost local economic development (LED) and create investment opportunities in their areas. 


The LED Plans initiative involves training the municipalities to think strategically, create an economic development vision for their city and build the capacity of local staff to implement this vision. 

Amman Governorate


Amriyeh Municipality

Amriyeh Brochure

Amriyeh LED Plans (Arabic)

Amriyeh LED Plans (English


Naour Municipality

Naour Brochure

Naour LED Plans (Arabic)

Naour LED Plans (English)

Zarqa Governorate


Zarqa Municipality

Zarqa Brochure

Zarqa LED Plans (Arabic)

Zarqa LED Plans (English)


Azraq Municipality

Azraq Brochure

Azraq LED Plans (Arabic)

Azraq LED Plans (English)


Hashmiyeh Municipality

Hashmiyeh Brochure

Hashmiyeh LED Plans (Arabic)

Hashmiyeh LED Plans (English)

Irbid Governorate


Al-Mazar Municipality

Al-Mazar Brochure

Al-Mazar LED Plans (Arabic)

Al-Mazar LED Plans (English)


Muath Bin Jabal Municipality

Muath Bin Jabal

Muath Bin Jabal LED Plans (Arabic)

Muath Bin Jabal LED Plans (English)



Shoula Municipality

Shoula Brochure

Shoula LED Plans (Arabic)

Shoula LED Plans (English)


Tabaqet Fahel Municipality

Tabaqet Fahel Brochure

Tabaqet Fahel LED Plans (Arabic)

Tabaqet Fahel LED Plans (English)


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