Small Business Answers Demand for Tire Services in Underserved Area

February 9, 2016—Abdullah Sharari, owner of a tire fixing station in Irbid, stands behind a tire changing machine in his new shop


USAID contributes to Jordan’s economic development by supporting small businesses across the kingdom


Small Business Answers Demand for Tire Services in Underserved Area of Irbid


Abdullah Sharari has been a tire maintenance shop owner based in Amman for almost 30 years and knows the industry like the back of his hand. Originally hailing from Irbid, Jordan’s second most populous governorate, he noticed there was demand for a tire changing service in a specific area of Irbid’s bustling industrial city.

Lacking the necessary capital to establish a second business but armed with vision and a smart business idea, Abdullah applied to a grant opportunity offered by the USAID Jordan Local Enterprise Support Project (LENS) targeted towards supporting new small business ideas.


Abdullah’s second business, supported by USAID LENS, opened in the beginning of 2016 and quickly became a regular stop for vehicle drivers needing tire maintenance services. He now employs 4 full-time employees from the local community. As his business grows, Abdullah envisions that he will create more opportunities for youth employment and training.


The growth and development of micro and small enterprises are crucial to Jordan’s economic development. Job creation, increased competitiveness, and the delivery of demanded services are just part of the impact which Abdullah’s tire changing station is expected to create.


“My job is everything. I have been in the field long enough to know that I should seize a good business opportunity when I see one. I have no doubt that my shop will be of great value to the area and will benefit unemployed youth greatly. I fully train and take good care of every single one of my workers to ensure they have all the necessary skills that will allow them to grow and excel in the field.” – Abdullah Sharari


February 9, 2016 - Abdullah Sharari stands in his brand new shop in Irbid with his sons and employees


Opening this tire changing station increases the possibility of the emergence of a new market with new competitors, which will in turn increase employment opportunities in the sector.

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